Our Career Journey Series

Our Career Journey: Patience and Self-Compassion in Practice

“Learning self-compassion is not a one and done.”

A client shares her experience with coaching. Part 3 of 4.

Learning self-compassion is not a one and done, and confidence is something that has to be continuously cultivated through self-care and continued retraining. 

Do I deserve this? This was the new question, in varying forms, that started to pop up as I began to find fulfillment, which, in my case, was a combination of writing and education. 

Who am I to be happy? I wondered. 

Then there was Michelle’s voice, with counter questions. Why wouldn’t you deserve this? Is there a reason you don’t think you deserve happiness?

And maybe there was. But we worked through it, and then worked through it again and again. There has never been a point in our meetings, where Michelle was bored, fed up, or disappointed in what I had to say. 

There was never an agenda or strict guidelines about what our work would look like.

Yet, we finished with questions answered, a problem solved, and a plan for overcoming whatever obstacle had been haunting me just an hour before.

Derek related a similar experience in addressing inner doubts, when he said, “Michelle has helped me break down mental barriers around my own fears. It’s still something we’re working through, but I’ve made tremendous improvements because of her work. I’m much more confident and self-compassionate because of our sessions.”

During my own journey, I had shifting goals. What was amazing about our coaching relationship is that it sustained changing growth.

I’ve heard about “outgrowing coaches” who help you to meet a goal, and then the two of you part ways. 

But this hasn’t been my experience with Michelle. Some clients achieve what they are looking for and end their work with Michelle, or revisit with her during different phases in their career. Circle back to the focus of this blog article, Career Journey versus Dream Career. 

The idea of not having a finish line used to terrify me; I worried that the uncertainty of my future meant an inability to justify my plans to my family and friends. But what if I had no one to prove anything to, except my own, already-confident-in-my-abilities-self. Then there’d be no end in sight to what I could accomplish.

So how did Derek and Alexandra deal with new moments of doubt, that inevitably occur during periods of their own growth?

“I have learned to mindfulness and mediation that is a great way to manage stress,” explained Alexandra. 

She discussed how her perspective at work changed to incorporate self-care.

“My goals really shifted into self-preservation and reframed what ‘doing the best job’ really was. I started to focus on my actual job title and responsibilities. I had to take a few steps back from what my coworkers and supervisor wanted me to do. The goal of finding a new work environment that would be a better fit really became a focus.”

Derek also overcame challenges in sustaining his confidence by using the tools that Michelle was able to offer. 

“I would recommend Michelle to anyone looking to level up their career,” he stressed.

“She’s able to find patterns and break down mental blocks. I’m continually impressed with Michelle’s patience and kindness.  She is the perfect compass for anyone attempting a new path.”

To me, Derek’s comparison of Michelle to a compass is a perfect analogy. Her services are not a map. You become a true explorer during your work together, in that you will never see a clear ending to your journey.

Just like any adventure, the work can be exhausting and frustrating at times, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, Michelle will help you find tools along the road that help you reach new peaks. When the fog clears and you glimpse the view of all you have accomplished, you’ll be thrilled in all the potential that lies ahead. 

Stay tuned for the final post in this blog series, titled “My Career Journey,” an exploration of the experiences of three clients and their work with Michelle Krasny as their career coach. See what the three have learned about themselves, and what they anticipate achieving through future work with Michelle.

The author of this blog series, Haley Van Bellingham, is a writer and editor who curates content that highlights the unique nature of businesses and their services. Get in contact through her LinkedIn 

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