Career Coaching

You deserve a kickass career…


But how?

I know how lonely and impossible this search can seem, I lived through it myself. I remember just wanting someone to come and give me a map and tell me what to do to get somewhere worth being.

But someone else’s map never quite fit me. Maybe that’s what you’re feeling too?

I work with people who want to aim for the very best they can get from life, and feel they can go farther, work faster, and explore with less angst through a collaborative partnership. I’m the partner who helps you ask yourself the hard questions, keeps you from buckling when it gets tough and won’t let you settle for anything less than your truest dream. In session, I create an environment where this kind of stretching feels not only possible, but safe. Through our work, you’ll learn to bravely live in the adventure of drawing your own map as you go.

Could this be right for you?


What’s your story?

Have you been following all the rules and making all the “right” moves and still find yourself unfulfilled?

Is your career going pretty well, but something is still missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it?

Are you working a job that’s draining and can’t find the time or energy to look for something better?

Are you at a crossroads and needing to make a big professional decision, but are unsure how to proceed?

Do you want to use your career as a way to learn about yourself and humanity, to prompt personal development?

Do you find yourself always looking for greener grass, but when you take a new job, you find that something is still not right?

Do you believe you’re capable of so much more, but aren’t sure how exactly to live up to your potential?

Are you dreaming of starting your own business, but aren’t sure where to start and find the idea of going it alone daunting?

Are you just burnt out, and need some help setting some boundaries and then standing behind them?

If any of these stories feel familiar, it might be the perfect time in your career to try this kind of work.

Hi, I’m Michelle

I’m a certified Career Coach and I love to work with people just like you.

People who’ve realized they want more out of their work and their life and are on the cusp of something amazing. Together we’ll design a healthy and sustainable career you can be passionate about.

Learn more about me here.

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I started working with Michelle to help shape my career goals. Michelle is the perfect example of what a coach should be: fostering the right environment for you to succeed. She’s a great judge of just how much nudging and accountability you need. She also has a ton of awesome resources that have helped me along the way.


Web Developer

While working with Michelle, I really could see myself growing toward this image of who I would be as my best self. I learned a lot about myself and how I show up. I experienced a sense of clarity that allowed me to see myself as a true decision-maker in these upcoming transitions… I have gained a clear idea of myself and what I want.

Michelle has given me great visuals of “being on the riverbank” and the “jar of marbles.” I often evaluate my thoughts and situations by using those visuals. It’s definitely something I keep in my toolbox. I have honest conversations with Michelle and that has made me want to show up as that person more often. I have learned to be less judgmental because someone has showed up for me that way.


Law Student

Michelle has helped me reset my mindset and renew my vision for my purpose in life.  She’s not only helped me kick my business up a notch to hit the next level, she’s also helped me realize that I can dream bigger than ever before and realize my life’s passion in a whole new way!  If you’re at all feeling stuck, unmotivated, or like you need to just plain make a change, Michelle can help you dig deep and really find your way!  She’s not just about pushing you to set goals and hit numbers – she’s all about finding your passion and getting your vision back!  Set up an appointment with her today and I promise you’ll be thankful you did!


Business Owner

To me, what set Michelle apart, was her ability to view my “baggage” as assets. To Michelle, what I carried into our work were simply strengths that needed sorting through.


Editor, writer and care-giver

Michelle’s ability to soothe and reason with my inner-critic has allowed me to make a number of personal breakthroughs as a writer. Michelle has the unique ability to find the source of my mental roadblocks and turn them into assets. Her coaching has allowed me to become a better creator and business-minded person.


Writer and Consultant

The reason I sought out coaching was because I was stuck in a rut, more like a tornado of hopelessness in all honesty. I hit a point in my life where I was about to turn 30, the pandemic had hit hard and I knew I just wanted something different for myself.

Now, well … the most obvious change is that I am literally in a role I didn’t think existed and thought I couldn’t do, even if it did. Like, how did that happen? (Wizard!) My role is a dream job and it makes me so proud every day!

Michelle works like she’s holding a mirror into yourself. She asks the right questions and if you allow yourself to be honest, it’s really incredible what can come out. That assisted/guided self-realization is extremely powerful.


Customer Experience Specialist

On this video call, we’ll talk about what coaching is, explore if it’s a good fit for you and your needs AND we’ll even do some coaching!