Career Coaching

A partnership for getting unstuck

So you’re interested in Career Coaching, a one-on-one partnership to help you break through whatever’s holding you back professionally… but you’ve got a few questions. On this page, we’ve covered some frequently asked questions about career coaching and included testimonials, but if you’re on the fence, the best way to find out more might be to judge for yourself.

Wooden blocks spell out Q & A indicating the beginning of a FAQ about Career Coaching

The basics of Career Coaching…

Where do we meet? All of my career coaching sessions are done either via video call or phone call, your choice.

How often do we meet? We decide together, what fits your schedule, your needs, and your budget best – but generally, I recommend every other week.

What does it cost? I use a sliding scale for career coaching. When we decide to work together you’ll pick the option most appropriate for your financial picture.

  • If you’re in financial difficulty, feel free to choose a rate of $100 USD per session.
  • If you have a decent income, please choose $150 USD per session.
  • If you’re financially comfortable, please choose $200 USD per session.

I don’t require any documentation for your selection.

So, you’re a career coach. What does that actually mean?

My job is to create an agenda-free space of non-judgmental curiosity where we can begin our work identifying and exploring your goals and challenges.

Career coaching is a very unique kind of partnership, and if you want to read a list of reasons why it’s different from other partnerships (like therapy, mentorship, advisory, or consultancy) that information is out there. The two elements that really make it stand out are these:

  • You are the expert in your life. You know what’s best for you in any given situation. It’s my job to tease that wisdom out and give it actionable structure. I won’t give you advice. I bring no agenda for you. I will follow where you lead, bringing tools to help us explore and nudging you farther and deeper than you might have gone alone.
  • Therapy is a phenomenal relationship and can be hugely helpful for addressing wounds from your past, or really exploring your personal “why’s” but there are times in our lives when we’re looking for something with a little more action. Career coaching is goal-oriented. You’ll leave a session with a concrete actionable next step, and you’ll know how it’s a step towards your ultimate goals.

Does Career Coaching work?

Yes. Measurably, demonstrably, scientifically, and in a lasting way. 

  • Clients get benefits like improved work performance, business management, time management, improved team effectiveness, improved self-confidence, relationships, communication skills, and life/work balance

What exactly does a Career Coach do?

Simply put, I help people have a better relationship with work. If you want to get a little more detailed, I tend to focus on issues of balance, motivation, mastery, fulfillment, autonomy, purpose alignment, and value. Also, I love to use techniques from Mindful Self-Compassion and Archetype Work. Want to jump out of bed each morning, ready to get to work? Career coaching might be right for you.

Money’s tight right now, this sounds great, but…

I firmly believe that career coaching shouldn’t only be available to people who can pay upfront… because often the people who need it most are the ones who can’t swing it financially. To address this, I’ve created a few deferred payment options, for people who find themselves in-between situations or in a tough spot.

We’ve also just created a series of DIY digital workbooks at a much lower price point. If money’s tight, I’d highly recommend starting there and then using one-on-one coaching strategically on any roadblocks you uncover along the way.

Is career coaching right for me? I have so many more questions!

Let’s talk! I currently offer complimentary Discovery Sessions. For 1 hour, we get to know each other, talk a bit more about the ins and outs of coaching, discuss your needs, and answer any questions you might have.  


I started working with Michelle to help shape my career goals. Michelle is the perfect example of what a coach should be: fostering the right environment for you to succeed. She’s a great judge of just how much nudging and accountability you need. She also has a ton of awesome resources that have helped me along the way.


Web Developer

While working with Michelle, I really could see myself growing toward this image of who I would be as my best self. I learned a lot about myself and how I show up. I experienced a sense of clarity that allowed me to see myself as a true decision-maker in these upcoming transitions… I have gained a clear idea of myself and what I want.

Michelle has given me great visuals of “being on the riverbank” and the “jar of marbles.” I often evaluate my thoughts and situations by using those visuals. It’s definitely something I keep in my toolbox. I have honest conversations with Michelle and that has made me want to show up as that person more often. I have learned to be less judgmental because someone has showed up for me that way.


Law Student

Michelle has helped me reset my mindset and renew my vision for my purpose in life.  She’s not only helped me kick my business up a notch to hit the next level, she’s also helped me realize that I can dream bigger than ever before and realize my life’s passion in a whole new way!  If you’re at all feeling stuck, unmotivated, or like you need to just plain make a change, Michelle can help you dig deep and really find your way!  She’s not just about pushing you to set goals and hit numbers – she’s all about finding your passion and getting your vision back!  Set up an appointment with her today and I promise you’ll be thankful you did!


Business Owner

To me, what set Michelle apart, was her ability to view my “baggage” as assets. To Michelle, what I carried into our work were simply strengths that needed sorting through.


Editor, writer and caregiver

Michelle’s ability to soothe and reason with my inner critic has allowed me to make a number of personal breakthroughs as a writer. Michelle has the unique ability to find the source of my mental roadblocks and turn them into assets. Her coaching has allowed me to become a better creator and business-minded person.


Writer and Consultant

The reason I sought out coaching was because I was stuck in a rut, more like a tornado of hopelessness in all honesty. I hit a point in my life where I was about to turn 30, the pandemic had hit hard and I knew I just wanted something different for myself.

Now, well … the most obvious change is that I am literally in a role I didn’t think existed and thought I couldn’t do, even if it did. Like, how did that happen? (Wizard!) My role is a dream job and it makes me so proud every day!

Michelle works like she’s holding a mirror into yourself. She asks the right questions and if you allow yourself to be honest, it’s really incredible what can come out. That assisted/guided self-realization is extremely powerful.


Customer Experience Specialist