Worksheets & Things

This worksheet goes along with this article, and is meant to break down the onerous task of looking for a therapist.

This is a killer tool for looking at your job situation. Whether you really like your job and want to figure out what it would take to nudge it that little bit further into all-out love OR you’re about to rage quit but want to take a beat and consider what you’re looking for in your next job (or anywhere in between), this tool is designed to give you a framework for thought and to help you ask the right questions. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the job hunt? Or maybe just by day-to-day work life? This worksheet can help you get organized with one simple trick. Thanks President Eisenhower!

This worksheet is designed to help you look at your work life, and figure out what’s working for you and what isn’t. Do morning meetings make you want to die, but afternoon meetings feel ok? Do you love heads-down time but only after a big meal? This will help you figure out how to optimize your life for your happiest, healthiest self.

Looking for a life wheel? Or just looking to figure out some balance for your life? This can be a great tool for planning or assessing.