About Me

Michelle Krasny sitting on a couch, smiling into the camera

Relevant Education:

Neuroscience and Behavior, BA • 2009

iPEC Certified Professional Coach • 2018

Integrative Somatic Parts Work Certification • 2022

Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher Training • in progress

Internal Family Systems Level 1 • in progress

When I was growing up, my parents always said “We don’t care what you do, as long as it makes you happy.”

And that was REALLY frustrating advice. Couldn’t they just give me something to follow or even something to rebel against? Every job I found myself in I’d look around wondering: Am I happy? Is this the one? But inevitably, something would feel off and so I’d move on.

Eventually, I started to focus directly on this question… what even made people happy at work? I studied Neuroscience at Vassar College, did a Fellowship in Community Engagement, worked as a Facilitator for a Professional Development program, and ran ethnographic studies of company culture.

One day, all the pieces fell into place. I saw that tons of other people were having the same experience I had…

That moment when other people’s advice stopped making sense and they found themselves without the tools to forge their own path.

I went back to school to learn tools to help people who find themselves in that moment, studying with iPEC to earn my CPC (Certified Professional Coach), and started my own practice.

Now my work makes me happy, passionate, fulfilled… whatever you want to call it… AND I get to use all my personal and professional experience helping others find that same feeling. 

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