About Me


I’ve been a Neuroscientist, a children’s book illustrator, run 3 small businesses, worked as a cook, a Facilitator, an event co-ordinator, a Graphic Designer and a Design Researcher… if there’s anything I know, it’s Professional Transition.

I know the icky, awkward feeling of not knowing exactly how to identify, of trying on something new and trotting it out in front of your friends and family.

I also know the immense power that comes from constantly pursuing my best self, and from having a vast breadth of knowledge to draw from in any situation.

A few years ago I discovered coaching, a career path where not only could I involve all (yes, believe it or not, all) of my professional experience, but I’d also be able to tap into my experience to help others on a similar path.

Now, I work specifically with people who’re about to take their next, bold professional step. I can’t wait to help you take yours.