Tommie Collins

Man with glasses in his 20s smiling

Tommie Collins

Designer Researcher & Strategist for Khoj Lab and
Communications Fellow for The Field Foundation of Illinois.

What are you really good at?

I’m good at visual communication, generating impact, and collaboration. I thrive in assisting people to innovate in their personal and professional development. I also thrive in assisting others to see the opportunity in any situation or circumstance. I help people see the good.

What kind of conversation would you be excited to have?

I thoroughly enjoy dialogues around diversity, equity and inclusion, spirituality, personal and professional development, and finding humor in the absurdities life sometimes brings us.

What’s one interesting & human fact about you?

I was born with one foot without an arch and I am a non-traditional third generation of my name (I am named after my mother’s father and oldest brother).

What are you working on next? Do you have an “ask” around that?

I am seeking to grow my personal and professional network; to collaborate with other like-minded people who are passionate about bringing access, information, and resources to those deprived of them; and most of all, to meet and interact with others I typically wouldn’t meet in my day-to-day life.