The Hall of Amazing Humans

Informational interviews are magic. They’re the secret to skipping the whole dejecting, depressing job-board disaster.

But even if you’re conceptually onboard, knowing where to start can be tough. That’s why I’ve gathered some of my very favorite Amazing Humans. Whether you’re just looking to practice informational interviews, or specifically want to know about the work these people do, they’re ready to talk to you. 

Paul Girgis

Innovation Strategist at Relish Works in Chicago, IL

Interesting Fact: “Sometimes I feel the most alive and free when I’m riding a bike through the woods or running along a trail.”

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Haley Van Bellingham

Content Coordinator/Writer/ESL Educator

Interesting Fact: “I love anything animals, especially horseback riding and hiking with my dogs!”

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Hilarie Mae

Energy Alchemist

Interesting Fact: “I love being around horses and they scare the shit out of me.”

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Isaac Krasny

Calibration Engineer at Sourceress

Interesting Fact: “I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.”

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Leo Duque

Web Engineer at Helio Interactive

Interesting Fact: “I’ve recently taken up whittling and dream of one day being a lovable curmudgeon.”

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Andria Gillis, CPC

Executive Coach, Founder of People Lab

Interesting Fact: “I was adult adopted in my 40’s.”

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Tommie Collins

Designer Researcher & Strategist for Khoj Lab and
Communications Fellow for The Field Foundation of Illinois.

Interesting Fact: “I was born with one foot without an arch and I am a non-traditional third generation of my name (I am named after my mother’s father and oldest brother).”

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