Leo Duque

Leo Duque

Web Engineer at Helio Interactive

What are you really good at?

I am good at solving complex problems, I am good at breaking down a problem into multiple smaller parts and then working on one or more of those individual parts without losing sight of how they work as parts of the original system.

What kind of conversation would you be excited to have?

I can offer some expertise in web development, WordPress and a some in programming in general. However any topic somebody can express passion or curiosity in I can find very engaging and exciting in discussing.

What’s one interesting & human fact about you?

I have a lot of social anxiety when talking to new, lovely people. Accepting that as a part of my personality rather than an inability to hide behind and use as an excuse for not talking to people has not only made me better at this task, but also lessened the anxiety that can arise in anticipation of the task itself.

What are you working on next? Do you have an “ask” around that?

Right now my biggest learning priority is improving my programming hard skills (mostly javascript). Other interest high on my list lately Include: Layout design, Accessibility, Gerontology, Neurodiversity, and most recently but perhaps briefly Papercrafts.