Haley Van Bellingham

Woman in her 20s with blue hair, smiling

Haley Van Bellinham

Content Coordinator/Writer/ESL Educator

What are you really good at?

Organizing teams, editing and critiquing written work and teaching skills in language and writing.

What kind of conversation would you be excited to have?

I would be excited to talk to aspiring content and creative writers about the development of their writing skills, practices and voice. I run a free creative writing meetup in Troy which anyone is welcome to join. (see link)

I would also be excited to speak to educators who have questions on directing their efforts toward teaching English as a second language, and how much fun the experience can be.

I’m open to discussing anything someone thinks I could help with!

What’s one interesting & human fact about you?

I love anything animals, especially horseback riding and hiking with my dogs!

What are you working on next? Do you have an “ask” around that?

Discovering new avenues for local writers to find success, by directing them towards new business opportunities and introducing them to publishing and critique resources through networking.