Career Camp

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You Deserve a
Kickass Career.

Career Camp helps you get it.

Career Camp is Both Your Compass and Your Trail Guide

A clear, step-by-step online program that helps you achieve clarity around what career is right for you…

We combine a series of self-paced tools, prompts, exercises and guided explorations with a Camper only community and access to a Certified Career coach, so you will:

  • Gain an understanding of what makes you unique and valuable
  • Learn what roles, industries, and companies are out there
  • Build your skills
  • Build your network
  • Pull it all together to find or create the perfect job for you

Who is it for?

Career Camp might be a good fit for you if…

  • You’ve recently graduated from college or are early in your career
  • You’re feeling unsure about your current career path
  • You’re planning on switching jobs soon, but you’re uncertain what your next move should be
  • You want to find clarity around your professional motivations, and know what will make you feel fulfilled in your career
  • You want to do this exploration on your schedule

Career Camp is NOT..

  • It’s not a guide for writing a resume
  • It’s not an aptitude test
  • It’s not a list of careers you should think about
  • It’s not a disorganized pile of resources
  • It’s not tips for getting your job application noticed
  • It’s not a one-on-one coaching relationship

  • Access to Career Camp guided program (forever)
    • While we estimate that from day one to being fully settled in a new job, Career Camp will take about 4 months, we want you to have full access to the material from day one. If you want to move faster you can, if you want to jump around the material you can do that too. Or if you have another career transition a few years from now, you can fully retake the camp.
  • Career Camp organizer templates
  • Access to the Career Camp Discord (an instant messaging platform designed to create communities)
  • Access to Discord time with Michelle Krasny, Career Coach and Career Camp Director for questions and guidance
Cost: $250

Note: If you’re interested in a deeper partnership and exploration, or are further along in your career, Career Coaching might be a better fit.

What campers are saying…

  • Career Camp understood how I feel in this job-search process and provided tools to deal with it.
  • Career Camp gave direct action steps for getting from who you are to where you want to go.
  • I’d recommend this to any of my friends who are entering a transition or are unhappy with their place in their career.
  • Career Camp felt like a good antidote to sending out resumes for anything that sounds vaguely interesting and hoping something sticks.
  • I particularly enjoyed the strengths test and the freedom to think about any and all career paths before whittling them down because they don’t actually align with what I want. That process helped me be more at peace with letting certain “dream fields” go.