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I tried dating my body (not in a dirty way... mostly).

Anyone who's sat still near me for 5 minutes, knows that I'm WAY into Mindful Self-Compassion. This practice of being a little kinder to myself has been wonderful. I no longer automatically judge my thoughts or emotions.

But I noticed that there was still work to be done when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and my automatic reaction was a disgusted "ugh"! 

I took a step back and tried to look at my relationships with my body as if it was my relationship with another human... and it looked so toxic.

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Who am I?: Surviving the search for your True North

There are times in our lives, when we need to reinvent ourselves. And parts of that can really suck. If you find yourself forging your own path and feeling alone, or lost, or even just wrung out... this article can help you learn to come at these challenges from a place of calm empowerment and self-compassion.

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