Professional Transition… it’s kind of like a hike

It’s kind of like preparing for, taking, and recovering from an exceptionally long hike…

It’s kind of like preparing for, taking, and recovering from an exceptionally long hike…

People don’t necessarily go through these sequentially or go through every step, wherever you are in your journey is exactly where you are supposed to be right now.


Unpacking/Healing Up

 Your last adventure kicked your a**. You’re feeling a little bewildered and you’re carrying a lot of baggage. This is a great time to take a breath, take care of yourself, and start to unpack and learn from your last journey.


Deciding to Step Off the Beaten Path

That moment where you’re realizing you will no longer lead your life by following the well-trodden path. You want something more, something more authentically you.


Setting Your Compass

Explore your values, what matters to you, and then set your guiding compass to YOUR true North, making sure you won’t be pulled off course by anyone else’s “shoulds.”


Deciding What to Pack

As you prepare to walk your own path, you’ll need to know what you’re capable of, what excites you, what tools you’ll need to get there. This is a moment of safe exploration where you can try stuff out with very low stakes.


Drawing Your Map

Where will your journey end if it’s successful? What are your interim goals, places you’ll stop along the way to reflect, regroup and celebrate? What obstacles do you predict and how will you deal with them?



You’re on your way! What unexpected things come up? How will you keep moving. Don’t forget to check your compass to make sure you’re listening to your values, and to regularly check your map to orient yourself towards your next goal.


Assessing and Celebrating

YOU DID IT! You’ve made the sprint, achieved your goals, dealt with the obstacles and made it. Take a moment to celebrate your achievement! Now is also a great opportunity to look back at your map – were your expectations reasonable? What would you change if you did it again? What have you learned. What knowledge will you bring to your next hike?


Living it Every Day

How will you integrate these new learnings into an everyday life? What will balance look like now?