Reflections on Our First Dinner

It went well, really well. All the ingredients made it to the kitchen, most of them made it into the food… except the sage, which I forgot and is still sitting in the fridge. The food all came out the right temperature at the right time, and people had fun.

But I’m a perfectionist on a mission – I want my ingredients to be 100% local, and after 2 full weeks of hunting down ingredients like it was my full time job (because well, it sort of is), I only managed to get 26% of my ingredients from a source that was within 100 miles of where the meal is being prepared and served. Our average ingredient traveled ~760 miles. That feels like a huge failure.

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Vermicomposting Bin, Part 1

Why vermicompost (compost with worms)? Well if the allure of playing with worms isn’t enough to tempt you (it was for me) then you might be pleased to know that food waste that has been fed to and pooped out of a worm turns into “worm castings,” a fantastic and natural fertilizer you can use in your house plants, office plants or garden. You also get a little compost tea, which when diluted (1:10) is also excellent for the plants in your life.

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