What Makes a Good Host Anyway? Part 2

In Part 1 of What Makes a Good Host Anyway?, Carolyn and I laid out the broad strokes of event planning … but I’m never going to throw a gala (… god, I hope I’m never going to throw a gala) so how can I scale this down to the kind of event I find most challenging: A well-facilitated collaborative conversation?

Annie Swank of Drink Tank does this professionally, working at “the overlap between design thinking and dinner parties”.

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What makes a good host anyway? Part 1

In my dreams, I’m a brilliant host.

You can drop by my house and I’ll whip up something simple, yet perfect. I’ll clip something from my garden, pull a jar from my pantry and slip something out of the freezer and before you know it the airs smells buttery and I’m serving you a warm mug of tea or glass of chilled wine. And the whole time I’m comfortably chatting away with you about anything and everything.

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