Fargo Family Dinner: Summer 2016

Documenting my 9-week journey to create a local, sustainable, affordable, balanced, satisfying and tasty meal in Fargo, ND

There are a lot of reasons to eat local. When I lived in Vermont, I found myself doing so almost by accident. I’d poke into the farmer’s market to pick up Melissa’s honey, or drive out to Laurie’s farmstand for some raw milk. Local eggs were everywhere and I could even sign up for a yearly consignment of local pork chops from Jill.

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Michelle Eats World

So I guess it’s possible that you’re reading this blog but don’t have any idea who I am or what I’m doing this year… which is crazy because I feel like I must have told everyone on the planet by now.

Top Level: I’m spending the year studying how to build resilient communities (and as of late, that exploration has drifted into the food world, yay!) while designing my own education at Experience Institute (now accepting applications for 2016!)

More: If you want to know a little bit more about me and why I’m tiptoe-ing into the food world as I explore community, I wrote the following article for my program.

For almost 4 years, I lived in rural Southern Vermont.

There, I had the unexpected pleasures of being able to grow my own food and of having friends who owned small farms. It was easy to make my husband a plate of pasta and know that the tomatoes and basil were from my garden, that I’d made the cheese from milk from Laurie’s farm and that the eggs in the noodles were a gift from Ellen Stimson’s  chickens. I knew that the plate of food was made with love at every stage.

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