Self-Care Program | Individual Coaching 


What you'll get:

  • Completely flexible 12 x 1 hour one-on-one sessions: Need to reschedule last minute? Want only a 30 minute session today? Need an emergency call? You got it.
  • Values Assessment: Uncover your most deeply held values so you'll know how to orient when you feel a little lost
  • Prep and Reflection Tracker: In a weekly doc, follow prompts to record your progress and insights and to set an agenda for your calls
  • Scheduling Flexibility (morning, evening and weekend sessions are available)
  • The option to continue beyond 12 sessions
  • All sessions are done remotely, by Video Call (or Audio if you don't want to brush your hair first)



Next Steps:

Is this the right fit for you? Let's set up a Free Discovery Session. We can explore your needs, you find out a little bit more about what coaching feels like, and we can go from there.

Why are Michelle's Programs effective?

Not only is Michelle a trained coach who uses the International Coaching Federation's proven core competencies to coach carefully, strategically and empathically... but she's also experienced a ton of professional transition herself! She combines her own experiences with established techniques to help her clients make huge changes.

Some clients have landed their dream jobs, others have started businesses or increased their salary to 30% more than they'd ever made before! Some learn to have more peace within themselves, spending a little less energy beating themselves up and holding themselves back and a little more moving towards what they really want.