What does it mean to be happy at work?

Each month we pick 1 awesome person, they pick 1 awesome book, and we talk about work, happiness, reading and much, much more.

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Randi Kay + Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

I talk with Self-Care Mentor Randi Kay of Naturally Randi Kay about a book which inspired her on her professional journey - Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown.

Randi is one very inspiring lady who kicked off my Self-Care Journey. Not only is she an extremely accomplished Bodyworker and Yoga Teacher (who runs her own studio in Fargo, North Dakota,) but she also lives and breaths everything self care on her site But that wasn’t always true, she started her professional life freelance writing, playing music, and working in various spas and salons. By getting clear and intentional about how all of her passions worked together, she's been able to pave her own path in helping people heal. 

Hilarie Mae + C*nt: A Declaration of Independance by Inga Muscio

I speak with Energy Alchemist Hilarie Mae about a book which inspired her on her personal and professional Journey: C*nt: A Declaration of Independence, by Inga Muscio.

I met Hilarie soon after moving to the Saratoga Springs region, and instantly knew I was going to like it here. After getting her Master’s in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication, Hilarie decided to pursue her interests in empowered spirituality and energy medicine. As she built her energetic empire, she focused on helping entrepreneurs and public speakers tap into their power. She also ran a boudoir blog, to help people explore and establish body acceptance. Seriously this woman has done a lot of interesting things, and there are some very thoughtful, well-written and interesting articles on her blog… check them out!

Now, she weaves it all together - providing the world and her clients with opportunities to explore their soul-gifts, unleash their creativity, and generate more money and pleasure on their own terms, in their own ways!