Re-energize and re-focus  | Individual Coaching

Does this sound familiar?
Leah's was feeling stuck at work. Her boss didn't get her, she was micro-managed to within an inch of her life and she felt like she wasn't learning anything. "Is it time to quit? Would something else be better? What makes me happy? What am I even good at? Where do I start?"
Through coaching Leah was able to uncover exactly what she liked about her job and what she hated. She decided that she could do her job a lot better, if she was a contractor. This shift would allow her to have more variety (something she craved) and only do the parts of the job she felt were within her skillset. She made her case to her boss and he loved it! She realized he understood her more than she'd realized, and he was grateful that she'd figured out such a win-win solution. With her new confidence and a different perspective, Leah's career flourished.

What does your perfect job look like? What's keeping you from getting there?

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Start your self-discover journey by resetting your compass | Individual Coaching + Tools + Webinar + Accountability Buddies

Does your story sound like this?
Jen had an awful job, her self-confidence was at an all-time low, she had no energy and couldn't picture a way forward. She hated every minute of her work day but couldn't leave her great benefits. As we worked together, Jen started to make small changes, and things started to shift. She felt her motivation build. Suddenly she was looking forward to work, she remembered the reasons she'd taken the job in the first place, and began to remember... she's pretty good at this.
She used coaching to help her bring her deeply held values into her every-day decisions, shifting her role away from the stuff that made her want to bury her head in the covers, and towards a more client-facing position. She also negotiated a higher salary than she'd ever had before. 
After 12 weeks of coaching, Jen teamed up with her accountability buddies to keep her momentum going, exploring what was important to her and how she could get exactly what she wanted out of life.

What are you tolerating that you're unwilling to accept any more? What major change is possible in your life?

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Move forward with the experience and support of a group | Individual Coaching + Group Coaching

Does this sound familiar?

Through a series of exercises and reflections with 4 other coachees, Michael realized that he wasn't doing what mattered to him most... giving back. He put together a pitch for his boss to bring a volunteer program to work, and everything seemed to shift. 
He suddenly saw everything in a new, more positive light. Once coaching was over, he and his fellow coachees kept meeting. They encouraged him to keep living into his values, and eventually Michael was giving talks on integrating similar volunteer programs at companies across his city.

What shift could make your work day a million times better? What could you do with a small team who really took the time to listen, understand and support you?

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Take care of yourself during a time of uncertainty and change | Individual Coaching + Extreme Flexibility

Whether you're working through the process of trying to get pregnant, or you're dealing with the life-changing event of having your baby coaching can help. I work with people going through transition - helping them come at the challenges and poopy diapers of life from a place of confidence and empowerment. Together we’ll identify your ideal future, create a plan to get there, and navigate the inevitable obstacles in the way - until you are exactly the woman you want to be.

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