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Want a career you love?


Wondering where to find the roadmap for making your bold career move?

Have you ever sat at work, staring at the clock, calculating exactly how much you're selling your life for? Or have you caught yourself staying up too late because you're dreading tomorrow? Or maybe you've avoided meeting new people so you won't have to answer the dreaded ..." so what do you do?" 

Do you start thinking about a change only to be drowned in questions like: What am I even good at? What do I like? What am I worth? Where on earth would I start?

Do you dream of a career that doesn't feel like work, where you connect with the people you work with, you feel able to meaningfully contribute and know that you're valued... where you go home every day energized, empowered and fulfilled?


I can help you find your path


 Find your true north with step-by-step, results-oriented programs


Start your self-discover journey by resetting your compass

Individual Coaching + Tools + Webinar + Accountability Buddies

Does your story sound like this? Jen left an awful job, her self-confidence was at an all-time low, she had no energy and couldn't picture a way forward. She couldn't wait to figure out who her best self is and how she can live that way every day. As we worked together, Jen felt her motivation build. She processed some of the baggage she was carrying from an awful boss and began to remember...  she's pretty awesome. She used coaching to help her bring those values into her every-day decisions.

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Re-energize and re-focus for a new work-life balance

Individual Coaching

Does this sound familiar?
Leah's kids were both in full-time school and she was ready to get back to work, but she hated the field she was in before last time she worked. She put off writing her resumé, and spend hours looking at job postings and getting depressed. She found herself laying awake nights wondering "What do I want to do? What makes me happy? What am I even good at? Where do I start?"
Through coaching Leah was able to uncover exactly what she cared most about, and learn how to use that knowledge to find a great company that did work she really cared about. She walked into an interview confidently knowing her own boundaries, wants and needs and left with a killer job offer.

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Move forward with the experience and support of a group

Individual Coaching + Group Coaching

Could this be right for you?
Through a series of exercises and reflections with 4 other coachees, Michael realized that he wasn't doing what mattered to him most... giving back. He put together a pitch for his boss to bring a volunteer program to work, and everything seemed to shift. He suddenly saw everything in a new, more positive light. Once coaching was over, he and his fellow coachees kept meeting. They encouraged him to keep living into his values, and eventually Michael was giving talks on integrating similar volunteer programs at companies across his city.

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The journey to a fulfilling career deserves the right preparation.

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"My last year was one of major personal and professional transformations. Michelle helped me navigate these often challenging times by first, pushing me to introspect and think deeply about my priorities and wishes, and then by constantly looping back to these long-term intentions when curve balls were thrown my way. Michelle was a great coach and sounding board that helped me live more confidently, which was immensely helpful especially while I transitioned careers."

- KDS, Individual Coaching Client


Hi, I'm Michelle. 

I love to work with people just like you.

People who've realized they want more out of their work and their life and are on the cusp of something amazing.

Together we'll design a work-life you can be crazy passionate about and a home-life that feeds your soul.

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