What is coaching?

The ICF defines coaching as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."


What does that actually mean?

My job is to create a weekly space of non-judgmental curiosity where we can begin our work identifying and exploring your goals, passions and dreams. Once we've got a good rapport and know what we're aiming for, the exciting work begins as we approach your journey together, from a place of curiosity and empowerment.

Coaching is a very unique kind of partnership, which differs from friendship, therapy or mentorship in a few key ways.

  • I know that you're the expert in your life, you know what's best for you in any given situation, it's my job to tease that wisdom out and give it actionable structure. Unlike well-meaning friends or experienced mentors, I bring no agenda for you. I will follow where you lead, bringing tools to help us explore and nudging you farther and deeper than you might have gone alone.
  • Therapy is a phenomenal relationship and can be hugely helpful for addressing wounds from your past, or really exploring your personal "why's" but there are times in our lives when we're looking for something with a little more action. Coaching is goal oriented - You'll leave a session with a concrete actionable next step, and you'll know how it's a step towards your ultimate goals. 

Once we've established your goals and created an environment of collaboration and safe curiosity, together, we'll work together to enact real, tangible change in your life.

My goal for the end of a coaching program is to ensure that my client has tools to keep working towards their dreams and deal with set backs once our work has ended.



What's a "professional transition?"

Are you coming back to work after taking some time-off to raise a family? Or maybe you're  in the middle of your career and looking to shift into a new role? Possibly you're trying to push through to a promotion and aren't quite sure what's holding you back? Have you been transferred? Has the culture of your job changed? Are you launching into a completely new field, or to starting your own enterprise? Or maybe you're interested in slowing down and creating a life that still makes you feel valued and fulfilled?

Are you questioning your professional identity?

Then congratulations! You're in professional transition.

There are a few different stages for professional transition and I like to compare it to getting ready for, taking and recovering from a long hike. Read more here.


Is coaching right for me? I have so many more questions!

It's hard to say without a conversation, but you're in luck! I currently offer complimentary "Discovery Sessions." For 30 minutes, we get to know each other, talk a little bit more about the ins and outs of coaching, discuss your needs and answer any questions you might have.  If coaching is something you'd like to explore, click below.