Graduation Speech

Last week I graduated from Experience Institute, one of the weirdest and best things I’ve ever participated in. My classmates were kind enough to nominate me to speak at graduation, this is what I said:

A year with Ei is a year with many questions.
When am I in my element? What can I bring to the world that is worthwhile?
How can it possibly be time to write my newsletter…again?
For me, 2 questions kept coming up again and again.
The first led me to Ei. I was living in rural Vermont and found myself wondering:
‘What is a community?’  

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Being a Generalist isn’t a Crime

A few weeks ago, I went to an after work design event. It was billed as an intro to design in my new city, but it quickly became clear that it was more of an advice for wet-behind-the-ears-designers kind of evening… but there were free snacks, it was cold outside, and I’d hauled my butt there – so I might was well sit still and wait for a useful tidbit or two.

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