Legacy Gardens

I met Toni on Noreen Thomas’s Mystery Food Tour (totally worth checking out if you haven’t!). Sometime between quietly touring an Amish Homestead and impulse buying an apple tree, I learned that Toni was a farmer. I asked if she happened to have any Kale for a dinner I was planning and she said “sure!” and quickly rattled off all the other produce she had available.

Of course I immediately realized this would have been a much better way to plan my menu … talk to a farmer. It certainly would have prevented the kohlrabi snaffoo…

“Kohlrabi?” Toni said looking concerned, “we won’t have that until August.”

But… the NDSU seasonal harvest calendar

I guess it doesn’t matter what can technically grow if your local farmers aren’t growing it.

After a flurry of e-mails and a chagrined trip to Hornbacher’s for my kohlrabi, I made a date with Toni to head over to Legacy Gardens and pick up my kale.

The farm is beautiful, and is designed to serve the community they feed. Toni walked me over to the patch where they grow half a dozen varieties of basil, just because they like to give people variety. She showed me the asparagus patch that people clamor for, the rows and rows of potatoes, the show case tomatoes and loads more.

Randy and Toni both have day jobs, but they maintain this sizable organic farm on Probstfield land as a labor of love, for each other, for the land and for providing their community with quality produce.

“It’s all about the relationships” Toni tells me as we load my car full of kale and radishes. We hug goodbye and as I drive back towards Fargo I can’t wait to find out what will be available two weeks from now. Don’t worry I’ll be e-mailing soon so I can plan my next menu.