What’s in season?

Years ago I was wandering through a grocery store chain with an Italian friend, muttering “are raspberries in season?” She was shocked that an American would be thinking about seasonality in produce. Though I accepted her praise, (like you do) it made me feel a little guilty – I still had no idea if they were in season and wouldn’t until years later, when I lived in a cabin in the woods surrounded by wild raspberry bushes.

One of the most demonstrable ways that we have been disconnected from our food is that we have no idea what grows when. Did you know asparagus is actually only producing edible stalks for a few short months in early spring? Did you know celery is only naturally available in September? Foods that should be special treats, carefully planted in spring and tended all summer, are instead languishing away in our vegetable drawers.

For now I find myself asking “what’s in season in Fargo right now?” Some quick googling (the successful search was actually “what food is in season in North Dakota?”) led me to this – an in season harvest North Dakota calendar which was assembled by North Dakota State University and the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. (Below is a version of the template edited into a 1 sheet-er and available for download and printing).

What’s in Season in Fargo:

When does it grow?2

Want to print out this version for North Dakota? Here’s the PDF: When does it grow?_North Dakota

For those of you following along at home:
To find out what’s local where you live…

  1. Spend 10 minutes googling it
  2. If that doesn’t work, hit your local Department of Ag or the Ag department of a local University
  3. Download this: When does it grow?_Blank A blank version of the calendar you can fill it in yourself
  4. Print it out and stick it wherever you plan your grocery list (fridge? computer?)

If you download the sheet, let me know how it goes!