Vermicomposting Bin, Part 1

Why vermicompost (compost with worms)? Well if the allure of playing with worms isn’t enough to tempt you (it was for me) then you might be pleased to know that food waste that has been fed to and pooped out of a worm turns into “worm castings,” a fantastic and natural fertilizer you can use in your house plants, office plants or garden. You also get a little compost tea, which when diluted (1:10) is also excellent for the plants in your life.

Now most of the vermicomposters I know have setups that are enormous. They’re big enough to handle ALL the food waste a family creates (minus the stuff worm won’t eat – I’ll do a post on worm care later on) and produce enough compost to run their gardens.

But I wondered, is there a way to do this on a smaller scale? Does it have to be about handling ALL the food waste? Can it just be about diverting a small amount from the compost pile each week with the aim being to create just enough compost for a few house plants? What would that look like? Could it be pretty? Could it be a fun family educational experience (like an ant farm?)

I decided, yes! Those things could definitely happen.

This lead me to develop my first prototype! Watch the video to find out a little more about how that went.