Want to build your own Hydroponic Vase?

This term I’ve been experimenting like a fiend. Now that I got my sticky little fingers on a laser cutter, I feel like I finally have a tool to bring my ideas into the real world.

One of my first projects was a hydroponic vase for my sister. I wondered if there was a way to make hydroponics accessible to even the most casual home gardener someone like this:


  • Live in an apartment/work in a small office
  • Would never garden on his/her own but likes the idea of homegrown food
  • Not looking for a whole garden, just an herb or vegetable treat or two
  • Aesthetics are very important
  • Looking for low maintenance commitment

And so I came up with this hydroponic, two part vase. I haven’t tested it yet beyond a sprout yet, but if you’re interested in hearing about the prototype and getting an answer the the question “why hydroponics” you can watch my dorky butt in this video.

Or if you want to build your own, or just read the complete instructions (with downloadable files) here!