We’ll be releasing all 12 videos over the course of this month. Follow along or check back in here!


How to make a kick-*ss resume
with Robert Braathe

Robert tells us about the biggest mistakes people make when creating their resumes, and how to fix them!

Find Robert Braathe at contactus@careerservicestation.com


Polish Your LinkedIn
with Tech Sourcer, Isaac

Find out what sourcers are looking for on your linked in page, and what quickly turns them away.


How to write Killer Cover Letters
with Robert Braathe

Learn Robert’s AIDA method for writing a killer cover letter.

Find Robert Braathe at contactus@careerservicestation.com


Informational Interviews: what are they and how do you do them?

I LOVE informational interviews. They’re a wonderful way to explore your options, build relationships and create job leads for yourself. I use them INSTEAD of job boards (because I hate job boards, but that’s just me).


Tips on attitude, mindset and must-haves for interview day, with Hilarie Mae and Sherry Finkel Murphy

Find Hilarie at https://hilariemae.com/
Find Sherry at http://sherryfinkelmurphy.nm.com/


Job hunts can take… a while

So how do you make sure you’re bringing that same kick-*ss-and-take-names attitude to day 90 (or 180, or 300) as you had on day 1? I talk simple tips and tweaks to make the hunt a little easier on the psyche.


Confidence is a myth and we never truly overcome imposter syndrome, so what can you do instead?

I walk you through some exercises and tools to overcome those icky anxiety and doubt feelings.


How do you spot a boss who’s wrong for you? How about a culture that won’t fit? We talk with People Lab founder, Andria Gillis about how to spot those red flags.

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Whether it’s a hired professional, or a friend with a list, Michelle discusses different options for support.

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You got the offer! Now what? We cover mindset and tactics for negotiating like a baller, with special guests Hilarie Mae and Sherry Finkel Murphy.

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Michelle shares exercises for how to look at your old-job baggage and put it to rest, so that you can start your new job with a truly clean slate.

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How do you start your new job with intention? How do you set goals that align with your values and live them every day? We discuss putting your best foot forward with Will Ferguson, Org Designer at RxBar

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