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Want to love your job?


Don't know where to start?

Have you ever sat at work, staring at the clock, calculating exactly how much you're selling your life for? Or have you caught yourself staying up too late because you're dreading tomorrow? Or maybe it’s more subtle… you’re not sure what’s missing, but you’re pretty sure this isn’t what you expected being a grown-up to feel like.

Did you know 67% of Americans feel just like you?

If you dream of work that doesn't feel like work… to putting an end to feeling lost… to being sure you’re living up to your potential… to spending each day in a way that aligns with your values, inspires you, allows you to be your best self AND pays you well…




"I started working with Michelle a few months ago to help shape my career goals.  I didn’t quite know what to expect for our first session and was half expecting it to be similar to a therapy session. Luckily my worries we’re completely unwarranted. Michelle created a wonderful introductory session that made it easy to start sharing my goals and desires. Over the next months, she fostered an environment that led me to make the decisions and lifestyle changes needed to create the change that I was looking for. 

Part of Michelle’s expertise is that she knows exactly what to say and how much to say so that she’s not doing any of the work or decision making for you. Every session was her creating an environment where I could talk about issues and come to my own solutions to resolve them.  She is the perfect example of what a coach should be: fostering the right environment for you to succeed.  I really feel like she tailored all of her input and exercises just for me. She’s a great judge of just how much nudging and accountability you need. She also has a ton of awesome resources that have helped me along the way. 

The last thing I’ll say is that Michelle didn’t just help me in my career choices. Her sessions led me to ideas and habits that affect my daily life. She helped me find foundational values that I go back to every day to help guide my decisions. 

My advice to anyone on the fence about career coaching: Try a couple of sessions with Michelle. She’s not pushy, you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain." 

-Luke S.


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To fall in love with your job...

Work with me to uncover what isn't working for you about your current situation.

Together we'll explore what changes would make your job amazing and how these changes would help you build a balanced and fulfilling life. Then we'll partner in tackling obstacles, internal or external, on your way to your dazzlingly revamped dream job.   

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To take a bold new step...

Work with me to flesh out what dream job looks like, and begin the process of finding it.

Together we'll explore what makes you thrill, and how to find that in the work place. I'll support you on the job hunt, and help you begin your new position with great intention. We'll work together to make sure any old baggage stays at your old job, so that you can move into your fresh start as your best self.   

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Hi, I'm Michelle. 

I love to work with people just like you.

People who've realized they want more out of their work and their life and are on the cusp of something amazing.

Together we'll design a career you can be crazy passionate about.

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