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Want to love your job?


Don't know where to start?

Have you ever sat at work, staring at the clock, calculating exactly how much you're selling your life for? Or have you caught yourself staying up too late because you're dreading tomorrow? 

Did you know 67% of Americans feel just like you?

If you dream of work that doesn't feel like work... to putting an end to feeling lost... to spending each day in a way that aligns with your values, inspires you, allows you to be your best self AND pays you well....


"Michelle Krasny was my coach for twelve weeks. She changed my mind about the effectiveness of coaching. I spent two years with a coach who did not elicit in me the level of meaningful change I made with Michelle... 
When we began, I was closed, guarded and not willing to allow myself to feel my negative emotions. I was able to resolve limiting beliefs that blocked my accepting my new home, my husband’s health care and created life skills that enabled me to begin to address what was holding me back."
-G.S. Individual Coaching Client

Work with me


To love your job...

Work with me one-on-one to uncover what your dream job looks like.

I work with folks who're looking for anything from tweaking their current position for optimal fulfillment to designing a thoughtful and intentional next-professional-step.

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To engage your team...

Work with me to combine Coaching, Design Thinking and Facilitation into a program tailor-made to help your team-members make a lasting changes... with positive, sustainable effects that will reach throughout the company. And all in a surprisingly compact amount of time.

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Hi, I'm Michelle. 

I love to work with people just like you.

People who've realized they want more out of their work and their life and are on the cusp of something amazing.

Together we'll design a career you can be crazy passionate about.

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We'll talk about what coaching is, explore if it's a good fit for you and your needs AND we'll even do some coaching! If we click, we'll collaborate to create a coaching program that's a perfect fit for you. Let’s talk!